Save Money By buying Lovely but Cheap Valentine’s Day Gifts

Save Money By buying Lovely but Cheap Valentine's Day Gifts

If you thought that a valentine’s day can be impressively celebrated only if you spend a lot of money then think again. There are several ways by which you can save money and at the same time buy some truly exotic gifts for that special someone in your life. Gifts are not judged by their monetary value, it is the emotion that matters and the love that you see in the yes of your beloved. Here are some ides for buying cheap but lovely Valentine’s Day gifts:

You can gift your loved one with a Valentine’s Day certificate or trophy that is engraved with a special title such as ‘world’s most beautiful valentine” or the “best lover in the world”. You can also get it engraved with a good valentine’s quote or a nice poem.

You can also get a nice wooden picture frame carved in a heart’s shape and put both of your picture’s in the photo frame. You can further decorate the photo frame with several things such as ribbons, beads, paints or anything that makes it appear sweet and lovely.

Another really special and great way to make your love feel pampered is to create a “make a wish” jar where you can keep some empty strips of papers and ask him or her to fill it up with wishes such as “romantic candle light dinner, “movie”, etc. Each week or once in a month, depending upon the number of papers in the jar, you can just take the papers out and grant his/ her wish.

Creating your own love video can also make your partner feel special and loved. Just record all your emotions in a video, telling your love, how much you love them and this would make your valentine’s day truly special.

Plan a Valentine’s Day picnic at your own house backyard! Avoid the crowd this year and spend time together – just you, your beloved and some romantic love songs.

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